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Legal problems do not occur on a 9-5 basis. There are situations that require urgent solutions and cannot wait for office hours. Also, sometimes, lawyers are busy with court appearances and pleadings during their office hours, that securing office appointments could be a challenge to clients.

The 24-hour Legal Pro allows clients to secure legal assistance from Attorneys for emergency situations, such as when they are arrested and would like to get out of detention immediately, or when they are under investigation by the Police and would like to be protected of their rights against self-incrimination or against illegal search and seizure.

On your side when you need it most.

The 24-hour Legal Pro also gives clients and Attorneys flexibility, as it allows them to confer with each other regarding the case, contracts or other legal consultations on their convenient timeand schedule. This also removes the restrictions brought about by the covid pandemic by providing an option for contactless transactions, as a means to allow business and transactions to continue while avoiding the risk of covid transmission.


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David B. Shapiro earned his J.D. Degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University in 1992. Mr. Shapiro began his career defending the accused at the Salt Lake Legal Defender Association, where he worked for seven years as a trial attorney handling several thousand misdemeanor and felony cases. Mr. Shapiro left the public defender office to work for an Internet software company in San Francisco. When he returned to Salt Lake City in 2001, he established his own practice focused exclusively on criminal defense and continued his work assisting clients facing all types of criminal charges in Juvenile, Justice, District and Federal Courts.

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