Auto Accident in Utah always leaves a devastating impact on families. If you want to provide extra protection for your loved ones, you’ll need the 247 Legal Guardian App! Once installed, this app can find your location in 3 seconds. It records all events and at the same time connects you with an after-hours Utah Attorney. 


According to the data made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), auto accidents are the third cause of fatalities in the State of Utah in 2017 alone. The news of losing one of your beloved relatives in a car accident is already disheartening to every family. What more when you need to deal with insurance companies, DUI crime or drunk driving allegations on behalf of a dead relative, and the total cost once the hearing went in favor of the opposite party – all while wearing your mourning clothes? For non-fatal auto accidents, recoveries may take longer, all while your savings are starting to run out. However, Utah belongs to the No-Fault State category, which means initially, no one will get sued or blamed for the accident unless one side gets arrested for a DUI crime. The car insurance companies cover the medication costs of their respective clients. However, hiring a personal injury attorney or a criminal defense lawyer in Utah is not always part of their policy. Whether you want to push the auto accident lawsuit or defend yourself from the accusation, you’ll need substantial evidence to support your claims. And that is why ‘protecting our loved ones’ became one of the principles behind this 247 Legal Guardian App project.  We’ve got you covered!


Call the 247 help group at 801-208-9514 for more details on how to get connected to an Auto-Accident lawyer in Utah today! 


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